Baccarat Superstars

Online baccarat is dotted with a rich variety of colorful characters that have played major role in advancing the baccarat game. Bedsides being incredibly successful in baccarat, these Baccarat superstars have written important books on Baccarat too.

Here is a look into the fascinating lives of these baccarat masters.

Akio Kashiwagi

Also known as The Warrior, Akio Kashiwagi was a wealthy Japanese real estate investor. He lived life by large and he did everything big. His wins were big and so were his losses. In fact, this Baccarat expert holds the world records for the biggest baccarat win and the biggest baccarat loss too.

In February 1990 Kashigawi's had his biggest win of $6 million at the Trump Plaza casino in Atlantic City after betting $200,000. And his biggest loss came in May 1990 at the same casino, when over a 6-day spree, he lost $10 million at the baccarat table. Thus, the biggest baccarat win and loss were achieved by the same player in the same casino in the same year.

Akio Kashiwagi lived on a grand scale. But his death was also writ large. His dramatic casino gambling career came to an abrupt end when he was stabbed to death in January 1992. With more than 150 stab wounds, the murder was never rally solved.

Tommy Renzoni

Different sources describe Tommy Renzoni as a hotel executive or as a gangster, depending on one's point of view, apparently. Today, this Baccarat master is now known as the "Father of American Baccarat." He started playing baccarat in Cuba. But when in the late 1950s, when the new Castro government was closing down the Havana casinos, he came to Las Vegas. After convincing the owners of the Sands casino to open up a baccarat table, there was no looking back for this Baccarat Superstar.

Baccarat at the Sands was so successful that the game was soon adopted by other Las Vegas casinos. Because of its exclusive image, the Baccarat game never achieved the widespread popularity among casino gamblers. It was to happen only with the introduction of online baccarat some 40 years later.

Tommy Renzoni however remained involved with baccarat game completely. Besides being a successful baccarat player for many years, he went on to write a couple of important baccarat books: “Renzoni on Baccarat” and “Baccarat: Everything You Want to Know About Playing and Winning.” Both books are a must-reads by all serious baccarat players.

James Bond

The most famous baccarat superstar of all time was not a real person, but a fictional character. Well know as the famous Secret Agent 007 — James Bond, he has only popularized the high-stakes game of baccarat even more.

Ian Fleming wrote the first James Bond novel, “Casino Royale” in 1953, which concerned a baccarat game between Bond and bad guy Le Chiffre. In the novel, the fate of the free world was to depend upon the baccarat game between the two. James Bond has been shown playing baccarat in many of the movies, including Dr. No, Thunderball, the 1967 version of Casino Royale, On Her Majesty's Secret Service, For Your Eyes Only, and Golden Eye. Watching James Bond movies was in a way the first introduction to the exotic game of baccarat for many people and stirred enough interest in them to start playing baccarat online.

One need not to be a visionary like Tommy Renzoni, a multi-millionaire like Akio Kashiwagi, or a secret agent like James Bond to be a baccarat superstar. It is time to give a try to this great online game like thousands of other people are right now, even while you are reading this page.